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Online Course

PowerUp • November 14-16 • Dallas, TX

Can’t wait for PowerUp?

You can kick off the learning now by taking Academy Online classes before the conference starts on November 14th! Below is a list of recommended courses by session. These online courses will enrich your overall experience by providing a solid foundation on the topics at hand.

PowerUp Session Recommended Academy Online Courses
Video 301 Video as a Service 201
Alarm.com Corporate Overview 101 – Video
Doorbell Camera 301 Alarm.com Doorbell Camera 201
Automation & Energy 301 Automation & Energy 201
Installer Tools 301 Installer Tools 201
Image Sensor 301 Interactive Services & Image Sensor 201
Alarm.com Corporate Overview 101 – Interactive Services
Advanced Automation 401 Alarm.com Certified Technician Certification 
Advanced Z-Wave HVAC & Thermostat 401 Alarm.com Smart Thermostat Installation 201
Product Training – Smart Thermostat Installation
Alarm.com Certified Technician Certification
Advanced Video Troubleshooting 401 Alarm.com Certified Technician Certification 
System Enhancement Module (SEM) Installation 301 System Enhancement Module (SEM) 201 – PowerSeries
System Enhancement Module (SEM) 201 – VISTA
Product Features & Benefits Smart Thermostat Features & Benefits 101
Creating Optimal Accounts Workshop Customer Activation 101
Business Intelligence 101
Smarter Business Security Opportunity Smarter Business Security 101
Enterprise Location Management – Features & Benefits
Builder Channel Alarm.com Builder Program Overview
Wellness 101 Wellness Overview
Business Integrations 101 Business Intelligence 101
Data-Driven Decision Making 201 Business Intelligence 101

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